Participant Agreement Status

You're likely on this page because a GitHub status check on a pull request you submitted was unable to associate you to a signed and verified agreement. Read on to find out what that's about, and the details of your situation.


The Participant Agreement must be signed for all contributions to WHATWG Living Standards.

Contributors who work in the field of web technologies as an employee, contractor, or agent of another person or legal entity must have that entity fill out the agreement. Otherwise, it can be filled out as an individual.

After an agreement is submitted, it is verified by the WHATWG. This is a manual process, but is usually completed quickly if it's preventing a pull request from being accepted.

Your Status

@annevk is part of the mozilla-standards GitHub organization, associated with Mozilla Corporation, which has signed the agreement and participates in the MIME Sniffing workstream. All is well; contribute at will!

Synchronizing with GitHub

If the status check on your pull request is not in sync with the above, use this form to ask GitHub to update itself: